Cable railing systems have gained immense popularity in modern architectural design due to their sleek aesthetics and functional benefits. However, a cable railing system is complete with including cable railing gates. These gates not only enhance the visual appeal of the railing but also offer practical access points to enclosed spaces. In this article, we delve into the significance of cable railing gates and explore the necessity of cable railing spacer in ensuring their optimal functionality.

Atlantis Rail Cable Railing Gates

At Atlantis Rail, cable railing gates are meticulously designed to match their railing systems seamlessly. These are crafting gates from stainless steel, ensuring durability and aesthetic harmony with the cable infill. Cable railing gates not only provide an elegant entryway but also serve as a crucial component in maintaining the cohesiveness of the entire railing system.

The Spectrum Cable Railing Gate

One of the standout offerings from Atlantis Rail is the Spectrum Gate Kit. Tailored for compatibility with the 36″ or 42″ height Spectrum Cable Railing System. Moreover, this gate kit comes with pre-installed cable and fittings. Installer-friendly in design, the Spectrum Gate Kit easily attaches to stock Spectrum Hinge/Latch posts using the provided Spectrum Gate Mounting Hardware Kit, which is available separately.

Customers who opt for the Spectrum Gate Kit must supply the hardwood flat handrail that attaches to the gate frame using the included screws. The Spectrum Gate Kit is available in a range of standard and special Spectrum colors. Further, it is including Black, Metallic Silver, Pure White, Dark Brown, Pebble Grey, and Light Brown. It’s important to note that the Spectrum Gate Kit is intended for use exclusively with the Spectrum System.

The NOVA II Cable Railing Gate

The NOVA II Gate is an ideal choice for those seeking versatility and functionality. Offered in 36″ and 42″ heights, this gate includes a comprehensive package encompassing the latching system, hinges, and fasteners. While cable infill, HandiSwage™ Studs, and cover nut sets are available separately, the NOVA II Gate comes in various colors, including black, white, and bronze.

It’s worth mentioning that the cable is not pre-installed on NOVA II gates. However, this allows for greater customization and flexibility regarding cable hardware and cover nut sets.

Optimal Functionality

Cable railing gates not only require a careful selection of components but also demand meticulous attention to detail. One such essential component that contributes to the functionality and aesthetics of cable railing gates is the cable railing spacer.

So, these railing spacers are pivotal in maintaining consistent spacing between the cables. This spacing is crucial for safety reasons and contributes to the gate’s overall visual appeal. Properly spaced cables create a sense of openness while ensuring the gate meets safety standards.

Personalized Solutions

Atlantis Rail understands that every project comes with unique requirements. Them customize designs of cable railing gates are to be adaptable, allowing for alternative hardware upon consumer request. The gates come equipped with heavy-duty self-closing hinges that guarantee durability. Also, safety across various applications in conjunction with their sturdy construction.

Moreover, Atlantis Rail takes pride in delivering custom gate solutions. Whether your project demands a specific design, size, or configuration, their experienced team can cater to almost any requirement. However, ensuring that your cable railing gate perfectly complements the surrounding environment.


In conclusion, cable railing gates are not just functional elements but integral components that contribute to the aesthetics and usability of a cable railing system. Atlantis Rail’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality shines through in their range of gate offerings. Therefore, from the Spectrum Gate Kit’s seamless integration to the NOVA II Gate’s versatility. By recognizing the importance of cable railing spacer. Further, Atlantis Rail ensures that their gates provide access and maintain safety and visual harmony. Moreover, elevating your railing system to a new level of excellence.

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