Functionality and Style Combined with Cable Railing System

Cable railing systems have become increasingly popular when it comes to enhancing the aesthetics and safety of your deck or outdoor space. They offer a sleek and modern look while providing your family and guests the security needed. However, sometimes a cable railing system is only complete with the rail easy cable tensioners, and that’s where Atlantis Rail steps in to offer the perfect solution.

Matching Excellence

At Atlantis Rail, we understand that every detail regarding your outdoor living space matters. Our cable railing gates are meticulously matching our railing systems. These gates are not just functional; they’re also a stylish addition to your property.

Spectrum Cable Railing Gate

Our Spectrum Cable Railing Gate Kit perfectly complements a 36″ or 42″ height Spectrum Cable Railing System. These gate kits are easy installation and come standard with pre-installed cables and fittings. Installing your gate is a breeze, thanks to our Spectrum Gate Mounting Hardware Kit (sold separately), which attaches easily to stock Spectrum Hinge/Latch posts.

Customers must supply the hardwood flat handrail attached to the gate frame to complete the Spectrum Gate Kit using the included screws. This gate is available in an array of standard and special Spectrum colors, including Black, Metallic Silver, Pure White, Dark Brown, Pebble Grey, and Light Brown. Please note that the Spectrum Gate Kit is exclusively intended for use with the Spectrum System.

Reliable Security

Our cable railing system provides a secure and reliable connection between the cable and the post. Designed for adjustability, they allow you to achieve the perfect tension for your cable railing system. No more worrying about sagging lines or compromised safety – our Rail Easy cable tensioners have covered you.

Simplicity Meets Functionality

The NOVA II Gate is available in 36″ and 42″ heights and includes the latching system, hinges, and fasteners. While the cable infill, HandiSwage™ Studs, and cover nut sets are sold separately, the gate is a testament to durability and style. You can choose from all available NOVA II colors, including black, white, and bronze, to seamlessly match your existing railing system.

It’s worth noting that the cable is not pre-installed on NOVA II gates, allowing for more flexibility in your project. With Atlantis Rail, you can customize your cable hardware, lines, and cover nut sets to meet your needs.

Atlantis Rail Cable Railing Gates

Our commitment to customization and quality sets Atlantis Rail Cable Railing Gates apart. Every project is unique, and our gates are no exception. We offer the standard infill for our gates in cable, spaced to match the system you purchase. However, we are more than willing to accommodate alternative hardware upon consumer request. Additionally, the latches we use come from various sources, ensuring that we can meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Our gates are with construction of heavy-duty self-closing hinges, guaranteeing safety and durability for any application. Our cable railing gates resist to last for residential or commercial use. Moreover, our commitment to customization means we can provide for almost any requirement. If you have a specific vision for your cable railing gate, we have the expertise to bring it to life.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Atlantis Rail Cable Railing Gates offers a perfect blend of functionality and style. They are meticulously matching our railing systems, ensuring a cohesive, attractive outdoor living space. With options like the Spectrum Cable Railing Gate Kit and the NOVA II Cable Railing Gate, you can choose the gate that suits your project’s requirements.

Our commitment to customization and quality, combined with the rugged reliability of Rail Easy cable tensioners, ensures that your cable railing gate will not only enhance the safety of your outdoor space but also elevate its aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade your deck or a professional seeking the perfect finishing touch for a client’s project, Atlantis Rail Cable Railing Gates is the solution you’ve been searching for. Invest in excellence; invest in Atlantis Rail.

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